Other Services

We offer a range of services to enable a seamlessly smooth journey from start to finish on your project.

  • Drawings for planning permission
    Planning permission or planning consent is the permission required in the United Kingdom in order to be allowed to build on land, or change the use of land or buildings. After a survey has been carried out on the subject property/ area we are able to draw detailed, to-scale representations of both your existing site and your desired proposal. All our planning drawings are drawn up using the latest in CAD technology by experienced members of our team. We endeavour to deposit onto paper exactly the requirements of our clients and we assist and advise wherever necessary. When we have consent from our clients that they are happy we then progress to completing all the relevant forms and documentation necessary for the local authority planning approval. We follow each application throughout every stage and liaise with the authorities whenever necessary. Any progress made throughout the application is forwarded onto the client and all documentation will be sent for their records.

    Click here for a flowchart indicating the various stages and timescales you should realistically be planning for.
  • Drawings for Building Control
    Building control refers to the requirement for the supervision and control of building work, a service carried out by local authority or approved inspectors. We are now an official partner of the Local Authority Building Control, so you can be assured that all of our applications will be streamlined and consistent to save you or your business time and loss of potential earnings. We have a one-to-one working relationship with Dover District Council where we can gather immediate advice and plan appraisal whenever necessary.
    When planning has been approved, using the necessary structural calculations we are able to generate drawings that show relevant sections and structures of your design proposal. We include all appropriate materials and processes needed by local authority to approve the works and also for builders to work from. We also produce a building specification that is split into different sections to make it an easy-read for you and your chosen builder. Again we follow your building control application throughout the entire process and liaise whenever necessary.
  • Topographical Surveys
    Ez-plans can undertake Topographical surveys prior to any proposed works and designs being undertaken. Topographical surveys are carried out using a laser total station which co-ordinates the site into a grid and gives all the features an x,y,z co-ordinate. All existing features are picked up and turned into an CAD drawing. Ground levels are recorded at suitable spacings to enable the side to be contoured. This information can also be used to evaluate the volume of materials to be dug out or removed from a site by creating a digital terrain model. Cut and fill values can be calculated to any proposed site datum and longitudinal sections generated automatically.
  • Design & Access Statements
    Design & Access Statements are documents that explain the design thinking behind a planning application. For example, they should show that the person applying for permission (the applicant) has thought carefully about how everyone, including disabled people, older people and very young children, will be able to use the places they want to build. Design & Access Statements should include a written description and justification of the planning application. Sometimes photos, maps and drawings may be needed to further illustrate the points made. They will be available alongside the application for anyone to see, so should avoid jargon or overly technical language. It is important that they are written specifically for the application they accompany. They need not be very long, but the amount of detail they contain should reflect how complex the application is. So, a statement for a major development is likely to be much longer than one for a single building.
  • SAP Calculations
    The goverment, on 6th April 2006, rushed through new legislation requiring all new dwellings and/ or extensions with excessive glazing to comply with the SAP 2006 method of reducing carbon emmissions.
    This has resulted in many Local Authorities either invalidating, rejecting or not even registering these projects until such time as the applicant / agent has submitted Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculations showing details of the Target Emission Rate (TER) versus the Dwelling Emmission Rate (DER).
  • Site Setting Out
    Any proposed site details can be given to our surveyor and he will set out the proposed building, features, etc using the total station instrument. We use this technique to set out corners of brickwork, centre of dig and more recently, the accurate position for the sole plates of timber frame buildings to sit on. The only information needed to undertake this task is 2 existing site stations (must have x,y,z values) and a geo-referenced site drawing. This can be to a local grid or be to the Ordnance Surveys mapping grid.
  • Section 104 Public Sewer Diversion designs to Southern Water Services specification
    Our design team have the necessary experience to design a public sewer diversion to satisfy Southern Water Services approval. This entails all details being to the standard of 'Sewers to Adoption 6th Addition.'Designs will include typical manhole details, longitudinal sections of the proposed pipework, manhole schedules and location plans coloured accordingly.
  • Plan Printing
    Plan printing is a service we offer independently. If you require prints from A4 up to A1 size, we can produce this for you using our colour plotter. Contact us for pricing details and acceptable file formats.